Breast feeding: Natures feeding method

Breastfeeding is undoubtedly the best way to feed a child. It is a practice that is so old and effective. Nature always runs its course and it is clear that nature intends for breastfeeding should be the way to go. While bottle feeding seems to be growing more popular, Breastfeeding is still the best feeding method for a child.

Before a child is born, the mother already begins to produce milk, and this continues on for about a year after the child is born. This is the mother’s body, letting her know how best to cater for her child and how long she should do it. It has been observed that, the longer the mother breastfeeds a child, the more special, the bond they share will be.  While formulas and other feeding option may offer benefits to using them over breastfeeding, breastfeeding is the best way to feed a child, as it offers some of the following benefits:

Advantages of Breastfeeding

  • Breast feeding also promotes healthy relationship between the mother and child. As stated earlier, breast feeding promotes a special relationship between mother and child. The longer the child is breast fed, the more special the bond. In the interest of raising children she will be close to, a mother should breast feed.
  • Nutrition benefits: Breast milk is packed with all the necessary nutrients required by a growing child. Formulas are also packed with nutrients, however, the digestive system a newly born child does not have the capacity to digest these nutrients. The digestive system is not yet equipped to breakdown and absorb these nutrients effectively, however, breast milk contains these nutrients in simple form, making it very easy for the child to digest and absorb them.
  • Health: Breastfeeding has been associated with stronger immune system in children. It contains antibodies that will help protect the infant from infections. These antibodies are easily assimilated by the infant and help improve and strengthen the immune system even bestowing immunity to certain pathogen.
  • Cost: Breastfeeding is free, nature’s way of catering for infants. There is no cost to consider, no extra preparations before feeding the infant. Simply feed the child when needed and it can be done as many times as needed, depending on how frequently the infant requires.
  • Digestion: Thanks to the specially formulated nature of breast milk, problems like infant indigestion are eliminated with the breast milk easily assimilated by the infant.
  • Relief: Breastfeeding offers relief to the mother. After birth, mother generate milk and if a mother chooses not to breastfeed, it accumulates and causes discomfort for her. It is advised to breastfeed as it eliminates the discomfort.

Breastfeeding is the natural choice for a new born child. Thanks to the few options highlighted, it is obviously the better choice for a developing infant. It is also important to note that breast feeding can be supplemented with formula. You can still feed the infant formula, as long as the primary feeding source is breast milk.

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