Giving your baby the best care possible

When you have your new baby, emotions can run deep and sometimes, it can get a little overwhelming. However, childcare is of the utmost important and must be prioritized regardless of all emotions. Babies require constant care, attention and guidance to protect them from harm and help them grow in a surreal environment. Babies are not as developed as adults and are very fragile and susceptible to harm which is why constant care is necessary. The right practices will help you give your baby the best care possible, ensuring a healthy, happy child. Childcare can be relatively simple when done in the right way, the little things done together make for a very healthy and happy child. Here are a few practices to help you give your baby the best care possible

  • Washing your hands: As earlier stated, babies are susceptible to infection and diseases. Our hands carry various disease pathogens that can put your child in harm’s way, thus it is important to wash your hands after every chore and before carrying your baby. This way, the number of ways through which your child can contact an infection is reduced. It also applies to the parents, a sick parent cannot cater for a child effectively, and thus hand washing will also help keep the parent healthy and able to cater for the child properly.
  • Breastfeeding: Rather than opt to feed your baby formula, it is best to breast feed. Breastfeeding offers a significant number of advantages over formula and the results include a stronger immune system, a stronger bond between mother and child, more nutrients than formula, among other things. Breast feeding doesn’t just feed your child, it promotes a healthy lifestyle in both the parent and the child.
  • Sleeping habits: A healthy baby sleeps very much throughout the day. Mot at once, but in several small installments, and can sleep up to a total of 16 hours. Your sleep schedule will need to adjust your sleeping habits. You can no longer have a regular sleep pattern, rather you will have to sleep in small nap sessions, while your child sleeps. It is unsafe to be asleep while your child is awake.
  • Co-parenting: The demands of catering for an infant can be overwhelming for both parents, let alone one. Where both parents are in the picture, it is very important for both parents to be actively involved in catering for the child. Where catering for a child is left to one parent, it can be very disorienting and in some extreme cases can cause depression, which would then affect the behavior of the parent toward the infant.
  • Diaper change: As earlier stated, babies are sensitive and the diaper situation is no exception. It is required to change the infant’s diaper at regular intervals to prevent diaper rash. Also, before placing a new diaper, it is best to apply an emollient such as jelly, to serve as a barrier and prevent direct contact between your child’s butt and the diaper.
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