How to learn to accessorize

Do you ever wonder how certain people manage to look amazing regardless of what they wear while others may change clothes every day and still cannot reach the same level of style and elegance? While you may think that the major reason is in the choice of the brand, the secret is quite different. You can look great in any clothes if you master only one thing – the art of accessorizing. The ability to add the right details is the key fashion skill that distinguishes stylish people from ordinary-looking ones. The best thing about accessories is that you can find them at any price without having to spend thousands of dollars (as in case with new clothes) to stand out from the crowd.
Do you know how to accessorize your apparel to look exquisite? Here are some tips that will help you:
If your outfit is modest or just casual, you can attract attention to your image by adding large or colorful accessories. They will add a sparkle that your clothes lack.
Using certain shapes of jewelry and other accessories, you can enhance your face and figure. For instance, if you use a long necklace, you will visually make your neck look slender and longer (the same affect can be achieved by a long scarf hanging loose.
Proportions matter a lot. If you opt for a voluminous outfit, accessories should be small in comparison.
Belts work for both men and women. A brightly colored belt can decorate a black dress and a glossy leather belt will add elegance to a classical suit.
Too many accessories at once may spoil your image. The basic rule is the less – the better. Restrict your choice to two or three main pieces maximum.

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