Interesting facts about pregnancy and childbirth

Pregnancy is a very natural process. A part of child birth, reproduction, and continuity, pregnancy can sometimes be a daunting challenge. A constant part of mankind’s evolution, the process of pregnancy has also evolved and evolves further with each scientific breakthrough. Pregnant women are faced with various choices during pregnancy and childbirth, and some of these choices go a long way to determine outcomes of the pregnancy and birth. They determine the type of vitamins the woman takes, the types of exercises, and in some cases, the type of food she eats. Some of these choices include:

  • Location of the birth: There are generally two choices in this category.
  1. Hospital birth: With the nature of modern medicine, hospitals are the most used birth method. Thanks to machines, anesthesia, licensed professionals and a sanitary environment are among the reason most people use this option. The birthing is usually painless thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, the machines monitor the entire process of childbirth, the doctors are competent, and a sanitary environment usually means a healthy baby. The hospitals also offer the choice of caesarian sections during childbirth, rather than the conventional natural birth method. Caesarian section is a surgical process where an incision is made on the side of woman’s belly and the doctors reach in to remove the child.

Note: Caesarian sections are usually enforced for pregnant women over the age of forty, as there are a number of complications that could arise from natural birth at that age.

  1. Home Birth: Some women still prefer this option. The birth is handled by midwifes, who are usually experienced. The birth is natural and there is no anesthesia with the mother going through labor, and the entire childbirth experience the way it was always done. Terms like doula are common in this area, as they offer support to the mother during the birth.
  • Checkups: whether the mother chooses to have a home birth or a natural birth, it is important to schedule and undergo regular medical checkups during pregnancy. The checkups will help advise as to birthing choices (natural or surgical), dietary requirements, health of the child and even medication prescriptions.
  • Exercising: pregnancy can be fatiguing and require the pregnant woman to sleep and rest a lot. It is however very important for her to exercise very often before the birth time. Several exercising options have been specifically designed for pregnant women, to help them be in the right physical shape when the birthing time arrives. Exercises like yoga help improve flexibility and core strength which is also needed during childbirth.


  • Dieting: Certain foods are not suitable for a woman to eat while she is pregnant. These foods are either harmful to the foetus or to the woman. An example of such food is coffee. Coffee is very high in caffeine and caffeine is not suitable for infants, as well as fetuses, thus it is best to avoid it.

Some habits may also be affected, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, as these substances are very harmful to fetuses.

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