Teaching Kids To Spend Time Outdoors

Kids don’t spend enough time outside these days. You don’t need to be told this – everyone knows it by now. We live in a day and age when kids are fed a constant stream of media through computer and television screens that, once it draws them in, can keep them seated and indoors all day long.

Basically, as a parent, now more than ever, you need to really put in effort to ensure that your child, from an early age, learns to find fun and enjoyment in spending time outdoors. Not only is this good for their health; but done early enough, it could well be what shapes their habits for the rest of their life.

  1. Local playgroups

If you’re in anything larger than a small town, there’s almost certainly some sort of local group for kids around toddler age – a day-care, a playgroup, or suchlike. In these sort of controlled environments, your toddler not only has supervision ensuring that they spend their playing pursing healthy activities, but the outdoor environment is made a whole lot more appealing thanks to the presence of plenty of playmates.

Of course, you’ll need to do your research and verify that it’s a good playgroup – check online reviews, visit the place and ensure they have a garden and outdoor playing facilities, and the like. But once you’ve found the right place, it could very well be a perfect place to start getting your little one to enjoy the open air.

  1. Take outdoors trips

Toddlerhood, as established, is that age where kids start to feel like sitting in front of screens indoors all day is the more appealing option to getting active outside. And as you might imagine, one of the best ways to counter this is to designate at least some time to ensuring that they don’t have access to either screens or the indoors, and the outdoors is the sole available option for entertainment.

And the best way to ensure this is, of course, to get out of the house, and take them somewhere centered on outdoor entertainment. It’s something you’ll need to make time for to get the most out of it, naturally, and you’ll need to be willing to expend a little extra energy doing so (which, of course, is tough as can be when you’re raising a toddler); but it’s more than worth the investment in the little one’s future health.

Of course, not every outdoorsy environment is well-suited to toddlers; but finding one that they’ll enjoy oughtn’t to be too hard. There’s almost certainly a playpark in your area; and one of those, properly equipped, is enough to persuade even the most indoors  kid to enjoy the sunshine.

  1. Bring back the classics

At the same time, though, keep in mind that not only is it not necessary to always leave the house to get the kids to enjoy the outdoors; it’s not even necessary to blow too much money on new outdoor playsets.

Remember all those old classic games you used to play as a kid? The ones that existed for generations before you, and required little to no equipment? Games like hide and seek, or tag, or hopscotch? There’s a reason they existed for so long: kids absolutely love them, no matter the generation. Taking a bit of time to introduce your kids to these games, and play a few rounds with them, quickly provides them with a whole lot of reason to spend a little more time outdoors.

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