The Importance of Purchasing Quality Clothing

Figure 1: Good Quality versus Poor Quality. Source: https://houzbuzz.com/recognize-high-quality-clothes-5-useful-tricks/

Our fashion choices express who we are, representing our unique personalities. In fact, the global fashion market is valued at around three trillion dollars. It’s estimated that globally over 80 billion items of clothing are purchased each year. However, the size of the industry has led to some unfortunate side-effects. Largely, the estimated 70 pounds of clothing discarded by the average American each year. This article will examine this problem and discuss how the simple solution of purchasing high-quality clothing will help solve this complex problem.

The term “Fast Fashion” describes the cycle of purchasing clothing, wearing it a few times, then discarding it. Unfortunately, for many consumers, this cycle is far too common. As you can imagine this causes many environmental problems. But what actions can we take to disrupt this damaging cycle?

The simplest solution is to purchase clothes that made of a high quality. One of the main reasons people discard clothes is because the clothes have become torn or stained. High-quality clothing is designed to be resistant to these kinds of problems. For example, high-quality clothing often has better stitching. Because of this you will able to use wear these clothes more often. With such clear benefits, you might be wondering how come poor quality clothing is so prominent.Poor quality clothing continues to persist because of its cheap price tag. However, in reality, higher quality clothing is cheaper. This is because you don’t have to replace them every few washes. If are looking for a great website to purchase high-quality clothing on, try https://topfamilystocks.com.

Another benefit from purchasing high-quality clothing is the way in which it’s made. Clothing of poor quality is usually made in sweatshops by an underpaid, exploited workforce. By purchasing high-quality clothing, you are sending a clear message that you don’t support these practices. While this won’t change the industry overnight, if enough people start to prioritise quality it may cause retailers to change their habits.

Another solution to the “Fast Fashion” problem that is currently occurring globally, is to give clothes to charity. If you do want to get rid of clothes that are no longer fashionable, consider donating them to charity. While they may no longer suit you, someone else may love them. Additionally, it saves from going to landfill and creating greenhouse gas emissions that cause environmental damage. Again, this is only possible if you purchase high quality clothing.

This article has discussed the biggest problem facing the fashion industry today, the cycle of “Fast Fashion”. It was shown that one of the best way to combat this problem is to purchase high-quality of clothing. Hopefully, this will cause you to change or reconsider your buying habits. Though the problem may seem large and impossible to solve, small decisions can make a difference. If you are looking for an excellent website to purchase high-quality clothing on, try using https://topfamilystocks.com. They offer well-constructed clothing that will last a long time at a very affordable price.

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