Why Men Should be Interested in Fashion

There seems to be a perception that men don’t need to develop an interest in fashion. This article will examine why this perception exists. It will also show why it is a myth and why men should develop an interest in fashion.

Many men seem to think that they don’t need to understand fashion. They know the combinations that work, and they stick to them. This, however, creates a negative cycle. Because men largely aren’t interested in changing from their suits, fashion designers don’t put as much effort into menswear. This causes menswear to stagnate and re-enforces the idea that men aren’t interested in fashion. Now that we understand why many men aren’t interested in fashion, let’s look at some reasons why they should be.

Figure 1: Some examples of fashionable men. Source: https://theidleman.com/manual/advice/stylish-men-time/

Let’s start with an obvious reason. How you dress matters. People make very quick decisions about how they feel about someone, taking on average three seconds to form an opinion. One of the biggest factors that determines whether someone forms a good first impression, is how you are dressed. This gives men who understand fashion an advantage. Because they know what style and colour combinations work, they can feel more comfortable taking risks. This allows them to stand out from the crowd with a unique suit.

It has also been shown that paying attention to how you dress can have more personal benefits. Being confident with your clothing choices can lead to positive mental health effects. For example, it has also been shown that understanding fashion can cause you to have higher levels of self-confidence. Additionally, using clothes to express your unique personality has been shown to lead to improvements in your self-image. Furthermore, the reason that the army pays such meticulous attention to their uniforms, is because it creates an attitude of paying attention to detail. Additionally, getting in the habit of carefully selecting what clothes you need builds self-disciple. Finally, a well-dressed man can convey a sense of authority. For example, NFL coach Mark Nolan wears suits on the sideline during the game. He does this to let his players, and the other team, know who’s boss. These benefits are all directly related to developing your fashion sense.

Figure 2: Some famous men who understand fashion. Source: https://www.gq.com/story/most-stylish-men-in-the-world-2016

Many men feel they can ignore fashion and stick to the same repetitive clothing cycles. This article has argued that if men decide to focus more on fashion, they can reap many potential benefits. Some of these included; making a good first impression, improved self-image, higher attention to detail and conveying a sense of authority. However, if men continue to believe that fashion isn’t important they won’t be able to reap these benefits and fashion designers will continue to neglect menswear. But, how can we break this cycle. By encouraging men to take fashion risks, by supporting those who want to learn more about the fashion world. Maybe something as simple as wearing a polka dot tie to work could start to change some attitudes towards the fashion industry.

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